The Quacking Quarantine Duck Derby Movie

over 2 years agoJune 5, 2020
my 1st derby !  great job
Hilary and Frank
over 2 years agoJune 6, 2020
That was fun!  Creative and well done Ashby Land Team.
Janet Flinkstrom
over 2 years agoJune 6, 2020
Great job guys
over 2 years agoJune 8, 2020
This was adorable! Good job!
Win Southworth
over 2 years agoJune 15, 2020
Kudos to all! (Duck #32, work on your future focus!) Special recognition to the excellent work by the Casting Director!  Yeah, "Guy in NY" and that "bono" guy, who, if not a pro is, pretty close!  And what a superb concept to keep your race locale a deep duck secret.  Maybe some day you shall match those 10,000 ducks in Austin or 60,000 in Chicago.  [But only if you want to build a super-quackery dam on your Ashby stream.

Those shots at the "Loose-Ends" Deer Bay Road estate make me realize how much I'm gonna miss my annual summer sojourn in New England.  Do put me down for the purchase of an entry into next June's Ashby Land Trust Duck Derby!
over 2 years agoJune 24, 2020
Thanks Win, 
Your request for a flock has been noted! Jeanie
Jeanette & Bill Hosek
over 2 years agoJune 20, 2020
Loved seeing the MA woods. Great acting by Jeannie and Michael.
over 2 years agoJune 24, 2020
Glad you liked it!  Jeanie & Mike
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